For the health and safety of all our guests and staff, we require proof of current vaccination upon arrival. We recommend vaccine records be faxed in advance when possible. This allows us an opportunity to review the records and call the owner with any questions prior to arrival. Any unverifiable vaccinations will be administered upon arrival, at the owner’s expense. For your convenience, we can updated any necessary vaccinations or perform any veterinary services while boarding.

All vaccines must be confirmed by a certificate from a licensed veterinarian. If a certificate is not available, HHVC will attempt to call your pet’s veterinarian to verify your pet’s vaccine history. I understand that any required vaccines that are not current or veriable will be given at my expense.

Pet owners are required to leave the name of an emergency contact person that can retrieve their pet in the event of a Mandatory Evacuation of Hilton Head Island. If a friend or family member is unable to evacuate your pet, we will make every effort to evacuate with your pet. If that is not possible, Dr. Dixon will be required to stay with your pet. If a staff member does evacuate with your pet, there will be a minimum fee of $500 per pet. In order for us to evacuate your pet, our staff must leave behind their own possessions to make room for your pet.

In addition, we are then responsible for your pet in a very stressful situation which may be extended should our beautiful island be a casualty of a storm. If we have more animals left behind than we can physically evacuate, the doctor must stay here with those animal, putting his own life in danger to do so. Your consideration and understanding is appreciated in this situation, if it were to arise.



Required Vaccinations: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper, and Canine Influenza
Rates: $28/night for 1 Dog, $22/night for each additional dog (Same Run)

Additional dogs in the same run receive a discounted rate of $22 per dog/per night. Our runs are 3′ wide by 6′ deep by 6′ foot tall with solid divider panels for privacy. Dogs are taken outdoors at least twice daily.


Required Vaccinations: Rabies, Feline Bordetella, and the FVRCP
Rates: $19/night (no discount for multiple pets)

Our cat condos can be opened to expand to multiple condo spaces per household. Space is limited. Additional condo space can be reserved for your cat(s). Adjoining condos can be added vertically or horizontally for your cat’s enjoyment. Cats get daily exercise in our play area. This area has full length windows facing the front of our building so the cats can see activity. The area includes carpeted climbing platforms, cubby holes, and scratching posts. Cats are provided water and a litter box during their play time in our kitty condos.